Lamborghini Huracán ECU Software
Lamborghini Huracán ECU Software

Lamborghini Huracán ECU Software

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The Lamborghini Huracán is an amazing supercar of its own right, however lacking that punch of power we have grown to expect from a supercar of this caliber. Our carefully engineered, and thoroughly tested performance software calibration adds that additional punch of power performance enthusiasts crave. The seamless integration of our software tuning enhances the overall power and drivability of this V10 engine for uncompromised performance.
ECU Features :
Specifically programmed for other engine hardware i.e. aftermarket exhaust, HFC, etc.
Takes advantage of the untapped potential of the engine without excessive mechanical stress
+18  Wheel HP / +15 Wheel TQ over OEM Software
All engine protection functions remain intact
OBDII diagnostic capability is fully retained
Tested on both 91 octane (95 RON) and 93 octane (98 RON) specific fuel
Improved throttle response / overall drivability
Extensively tested, performance validated
This upgrade requires you to send us your ECU for re-programming. Please contact us for a ECU service request form!