EvoMS Evo-Spec 10mm Head Stud Kit
EvoMS Evo-Spec 10mm Head Stud Kit
EvoMS Evo-Spec 10mm Head Stud Kit
EvoMS Evo-Spec 10mm Head Stud Kit
EvoMS Evo-Spec 10mm Head Stud Kit

EvoMS Evo-Spec 10mm Head Stud Kit

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Most head gasket failures on Porsche engines are due to the heads lifting from stretched or weak OEM or other aftermarket head studs. Evolution Motorsports has developed a direct replacement head stud kit that eliminates this problem. These head studs have been CAD engineered and implement critical design features for improved strength and durability. The materials that we incorporate undergo heat-treatment and test procedures including Torque-Tension, Tensile, Fatigue and Micrography to ensure consistency of each head stud that we produce. Our stringent manufacturing process is carried out by companies with many decades of experience building the highest quality fasteners for the aerospace industry serving companies like Boeing, Bombardier, Dassault, GEAE, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, Euro Copter, Safran and automotive race teams such as Ferrari, BMW, Renault, TRD and many others.


When Evolution Motorsports set out to engineer and produce these head studs, they began with a - ZERO restriction - ground up approach for ultimate quality without any compromises. Besides creating a stronger head stud, they have managed to incorporate features to make them easier to install and developed an installation procedure to help ensure proper head sealing. The multi step torque process was developed to minimize installation torque variables and yield the most accurate clamp pressures. The engineering and manufacturing process is second to none and the quality of these head studs speaks for themselves. The Evolution MotorSports head stud kit is more expensive then the others on the market for the reasons listed above. The cost difference is nothing compared to the piece of mind you can have knowing that your engine was built to last – without premature head gasket failures – using the VERY BEST head studs available PERIOD!

Technical Specs: 

· Utilizes 260KSI tensile strength material for optimum strength
· Heat-treatment procedures are sealed and strictly controlled to ensure optimal consistency
· 44 mm of thread length (engine case side) verses 24 mm of thread length (stock and other aftermarket studs)
 · Incorporates a machined “Dog Point” end at the case side of the stud
· Bottoms out inside the engine case to disperse the thread load
· Reduces engine case thread fatigue
· Machined “HEX” broach at the end of the stud for easier
· Machined with rolled threads for improved strength
· Designed to use with the OEM flange nuts
· Minimized thread length on the top of the stud for
increased stud strength
· 27% more clamping force than the leading brand head
stud @ 80% torque yield
· 38% more clamping force than the OEM head stud @ 80%
torque yield
Capable of 15,244 lbs. of clamp force at 95% torque yield
· Precise torque specifications / procedure for consistent
clamp pressures