EvoMSit McLaren 570s ECU Software
EvoMSit McLaren 570s ECU Software

EvoMSit McLaren 570s ECU Software

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Evolution Motorsports McLaren 570s ECU Software. One of the very first true ECU tunes for the McLaren 570s. With the stage 1 software you can see up to +58 WHP (on 91oct) Gain over stock and +138 Ft-Lbs Wheel TQ (on 91oct) gain over stock (all testing was completed using 91oct and a Mustang MD-AWD-500 Dyno)

ECU Software Features:

- Torque Increase by Gear

- Boost Increase by Gear

- Factory smooth power delivery – most applications smoother than factory

- Full data backup of each ECU that is upgraded

- Diverse tuning portfolio supporting different hardware, fuel grades and climates

- Optimized software for specific hardware

- Unparalleled R&D, power and endurance testing and real world product validation

- Integrated Intelligent Switching Technology™ (IST) with Octane Sensing Timing Advance

- No software related Check Engine Lights 

- Truly optimized power while maintaining OEM engine protection features

This ECU is required to be sent in to us to flash at our facility 

Intended for OFF ROAD USE ONLY