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EvoMS TUNEit Gen 2 OBD Flashing Tool Kit

EvoMS TUNEit Gen 2 OBD Flashing Tool Kit

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Evolution MotorSports in Conjunction with EVOMSit
Introducing Second Generation TUNEit - OBDII Port Flashing for Porsche Vehicles

Intelligent Tuning... Redefined. TUNEit - OBDII Port Flashing for Porsche vehicles is a new and seamless way to deliver our world renowned Porsche Performance engine software calibrations to the end consumer / enthusiast. Our proprietary performance software can be installed anywhere by anyone at anytime using our new hardware interface and software suite. In years past, our performance software was only available either for download at a select number of trusted tuning facilities, or via removing the engine control unit (ECU) and shipping it to an authorized dealer or EVOMS to be tuned. Those days are now behind us with the introduction of TUNEit - a collaboration effort between Evolution MotorSports and EVOMSit. Now in its second generation, the TUNEit device is a self-contained handheld tool that allows an end user to install EVOMSit software with ease through their car's OBDII port. Software is sold separately from the TUNEit device, see our catalog or contact us for more information.

What is TUNEit and how does it work? The TUNEit OBDII port flashing system consists of all the needed hardware and software components to seamlessly read and write from/to your vehicle's ECU. The included USB drive contains the TUNEit software suite which gets loaded to a laptop running Microsoft Windows Vista/7/8/10 OS (not compatible with MAC iOS). After installation, the software is used to initialize and update the tool to the latest version. Once this is complete, the TUNEit tool can be connected to your car to read out the original OEM software IDs and ECU data.

After the OEM ECU data is read out, the stock calibration is downloaded from the TUNEit device and sent via email to our software engineers. The data is used to create a custom software calibration for your vehicle based upon your vehicle's original software data, your vehicle's engine hardware upgrades, your driving style, fuel quality and any additional information provided to us in the performance vehicle questionnaire. This specific information allows us to create the ultimate performance software for your vehicle.

Once our software engineers have created the optimized performance software calibration for your vehicle, it is returned to you via email. The same process used to read the vehicle's ECU is now used to write the new performance software to your vehicle's ECU.

After the installation of the tune, the device contains not only your tuned file, but your factory original software as well. If you ever need to revert your car to the stock calibration (before a trip to dealer for warranty service, for example) simply plug the device into your car and select the Original calibration from the programming menu. The same feature allows you to easily reflash the car back to the performance software at your own convenience.

Benefits of TUNEit
  • Securely reads the OEM ECU software calibration which can be reinstalled into your vehicle's ECU anytime
  • Securely writes a custom performance software calibration to your vehicle's ECU
  • Stock software is stored on the device and can be reinstalled at any time
  • Our performance software is customized using information supplied by the consumer based on data from our detailed four page tuning questionnaire

What's included in the Kit:

  • TUNEit OBDII Port Data Transfer Module
    • Communicates with, reads & writes to the ECU
  • TUNEit Software Suite
    • Windows PC installed program which communicates with the TUNEit OBDII Port Data Transfer Module
  • TUNEit USB Drive
    • Contains our TUNEit Software Suite and Performance Questionnaire
    • Also used to store your original and tuned performance software
  • USB Cable
  • Connects the TUNEit OBDII Port Data Transfer Module to a Laptop