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EVT730 991.2 TTS Performance System
EVT730 991.2 TTS Performance System
EVT730 991.2 TTS Performance System

EVT730 991.2 TTS Performance System

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EVT730 Performance System
for the 991.2 Turbo S!

Porsche built the "580 hp" 991.2 Turbo S with uprated intake manifolds, fuel injectors, higher fuel pressure, and most notably larger turbo compressors compared to the previous 991.1 Turbo and Turbo S models. These factory improvements were a very welcome addition to the platform based on what we learned working with the 991.1 Turbo, although the claim of a mere 20 hp increase over the previous model didn't pass the sniff test.

Indeed, when we did GPS acceleration testing on the street and baseline power testing on the dyno, we found the performance of the new Turbo S was extraordinary and well beyond the factory claims. 50-100mph, 60-130mph acceleration, and peak dyno numbers were all just shy of the performance of our 991.1 Turbo EVT640 kit, and we calculate the car is actually producing closer to 625 hp as tested with a completely stock car on 91oct fuel! With that knowledge we carried out a development program to build a range of performance packages aimed at improving and amplifying the strengths of the new Turbo S without sacrificing any of the everyday usability or reliability it is renowned for.

The EVT730 Performance System was borne from that program and unleashes the Turbo S by replacing the stock exhaust and catalysts with a high flow Ardent Performance exhaust with high flow catalysts. By significantly reducing exhaust back pressure, the DFI 9A1 engine produces significantly more power and torque across the powerband, and the matching reduction in exhaust temperatures give the Turbo S more stamina during sustained full throttle acceleration. The result is a measured 0-60 time of 2.38 seconds and a 60-130mph run of 6.85 seconds on 93 octane fuel, nearly 1.5 seconds faster than stock! 


  • Significant improvement in performance compared to stock (see test figures below)
  • Maintains Normal/Sport/Sport Plus functionality and smooth factory driveability
  • All OEM component protection and diagnostic functions intact
  • Aggressive exhaust note from the Ardent Performance Clubsport Exhaust while remaining civil at cruise and low loads
  • HJS Catalysts ensure no check engine lights and will pass OBDII emissions inspections
  • Exhaust note features prominent cracks/pops when decelerating in Sport mode
  • Easy bolt-on exhaust installation
  • ECU tune can be performed on-site at Aw Designs

EVT730 Includes

 Performance Figures

Performance tests were conducted using a VBOX Performance Box GPS data-logger. Before and after tests were performed on the same stretch of road using the same procedures using the factory Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires at factory pressures and 91 octane fuel. Test conditions were 1500' ASL, 70-72°F.


EVT730 91oct

EVT730 93oct






















How to Purchase and Install

The EVT730 Performance System can be purchased and installed directly by us (Aw Designs) or by one of the 991.2-equipped EVOMSit Flashing Partners worldwide. To install EVOMSit software on the 991.2, the ECU must be removed from the vehicle for the first, initial unlocking and reprogramming process. During this process we read out your car's stock programming code and create your tune based on that code and your requirements based on our questionnaire. The ECU can then be reinstalled in the car and used with no other adjustments needed.

Standard Package

Our Standard Package for $6,195 includes a single program (91, 93, or 100 octane AKI; or 95, 98, or 100 octane RON) installed on your ECU. Turning the ECU back to stock can be done by returning to us or by having the car reprogrammed at any Porsche dealership or properly equipped independent workshop.

Pro Package

For users wanting the ability to switch between multiple tuned files (eg. pump and race gas) or to turn their car back to stock, our Pro Package for $6,695 includes a second tuned file and our TUNEit OBDII Handheld Flash Tool. Upon the initial ECU removal/reinstallation being completed, the TUNEit tool is mated to the car during a brief process. After sending over the identification from the TUNEit tool, we create and send back the second program to be installed on the car and use at your discretion. Re-flashing the car between files is a simple process that takes a couple minutes to complete.

Standard Package users can upgrade to the Pro Package at any time for $695. Contact us for more details.