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RacePak IQ3S Street Dash
RacePak IQ3S Street Dash

RacePak IQ3S Street Dash

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The IQ3s is a complete dash cluster replacement, providing all standard road functions in a compact, simple to use unit. Standard data, such as speed, odometer, turn signals, hi/low beam and parking brake indicators are displayed, along with programmable shift and warning lights. It is an ideal complete instrumentation package for vehicles with modern engine swaps or aftermarket EFI systems.


  • IQ3s Dash
  • Wiring harness (includes 2 programming buttons)
  • 1 – Oil Pressure Sensor
  • 2 – Fluid Temperature Sensors (Coolant & Transmission)
  • USB programming cable
  • Racepak Datalink II software


  • 1lb (453g)


  • 25” (L) x 4.000” (W) x 1.125” (deep)
  • (18.41cm x 10.16cm x 5.39cm)

Compatible With these ECU’s

AEM V2/EMS-4/InfinityEMS

Big Stuff 3

Electromotive TECGT

EMS EM-Tech ECU Emtron ECU

FAST XFI Fuel Tech (200,250,300,350,500v1,500v2, 600)

Holley Dominator


Life Racing F88

Link G4+ Series



MegaSquirt-III (DIY Autotune)


MoTeC CAN (Data set 3)

MSD Atomic LS

MSD Atomic TBI

OBD-II (2008 and later)

Pro EFI User Configured (CAN bus knowledge required)

The IQ3s connects to these ECU systems using EFI adapter cables.